On the Chocolate Trail

The Title “Chocolate Maker”

This specialized title of chocolate maker only developed later in the eighteenth century:

[1775] “Dr. Blouin from Old France… Chocolate Maker… ”1

[1775]“Mr. Swig Chocolate Maker, in Batteau Street… ”2

[1788] The “Order of Procession In honor of the Constitution of the United States” provided detailed instructions for the line up of the parade with “Chocolate Makers” listed between the “Potters” and the “Tobacconists.”3

1 Constitutional Gazette (October 18 1775): 4.

2 Constitutional Gazette (December 23 1775): 4.

3 New York Packet (July 22 1788): 2, published by the Committee of Arrangements, Richard Platt chairman.

On the Chocolate Trail

On the Chocolate Trail