On the Chocolate Trail

Think Chocolate in Preparation for Passover’s Discussions and Eating

Several publications picked up my pieces about chocolate and Passover recently — Huffington Post, Jewish Journal and Jewish Telegraphic Agency — and I share them here, along with A Haggadah for a Socially Responsible Chocolate Seder and related rabbinic texts from responsa literature:


A Haggadah for a Socially Responsible Chocolate Seder (free download!)

This Haggadah provides an entry point to awareness about the issues of slavery, worker’s rights, poverty, economic justice and fair trade in the chocolate business. In it, chocolate becomes the medium for uncovering themes of ethical kashrut, worker equity and food justice, while spotlighting Passover’s underlying messages of freedom, dignity and fairness. Use the entire text or a segment at some point during the Passover festival.

Passover: The Season of Freedom and Chocolate (Jewish Journal)

Passover’s causes have always included freedom, peoplehood and monotheism, and Passover’s chocolate layers new concerns onto these age-old themes. From the mid-century Orthodox owned Barton’s to Rescue Chocolate in Brooklyn which supports animal rescue, chocolate has been bundled with teachings and crusades. Now, finally, your chocolate for Passover may be both Fair Trade and Kosher for Passover.

Finding the Afikoman May Be Easier: The Best Chocolate for Passover (Ten Minutes of Torah)

When I cover some of my matzah with ethical/Fair Trade and kosher chocolate this Passover, I will recall that I am descended from Hebrew slaves in Egypt, and that, unfortunately, slavery still exists today. I will seek to advance freedom through my chocolate choices, making these Passover days different from all others.

Old Questions for Rabbis about Passover Chocolate: Responsa Literature (Free download!)

Study these ritual questions and answers about chocolate for deeper insights into Jewish chocolate issues. These selections remind us of how Judaism sees sanctity in every act, including our chocolate eating. Use them for text study during Pesach.

Chocolate Recipes for Each Day of Passover–Enjoy! (Huffington Post and JTA)


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On the Chocolate Trail

On the Chocolate Trail