On the Chocolate Trail

A Great ‘Funraiser’ Happened There!

Not only was it fun to share content from On the Chocolate Trail, West End Synagogue, NYC, made an entire evening and successful fundraiser out of it. Hot chocolate, chocolate beer and peppered-chocolate bits welcomed and warmed the guests. I shared nuggets about Jews and chocolate with a very responsive audience. And then there was more chocolate in real time. A member of the congregation, the mother of the owner of the Grenada Chocolate Company, provided a quick sampling of 60% to 100% cocoa content bars. While I signed books, everyone downed chocolate vodka and gobbled chocolate treats donated by several local chocolate purveyors. Chocolate goodies prepared by members used recipes from the book including the Charoset Truffles, the flourless chocolate cake and the Basque cake. It was a great mix of eating chocolate, learning and eating chocolate.

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On the Chocolate Trail

On the Chocolate Trail