On the Chocolate Trail

Adventures On the Chocolate Trail: Atlanta, Portland, Seattle

In my recent travels speaking about On the Chocolate Trail, I have been able to sample some unusual chocolates and related products. Consider these:


Matza decorated choc    Jewish bonbons

From Chef Brulee amazing colors make the bon bons and the matzah very appealing.



*Chocoley  A source for making chocolate creations, including molds, compound chocolate , kits, utensils



Cacao‘s most amazing hot chocolate selection

The Meadow

The Meadow‘s selection of chocolate bars from around the world



Dilettante for chocolate truffles, mochas, cakes and martinis.


Theo‘s for factory tour and shopping in the store.

One thought on “Adventures On the Chocolate Trail: Atlanta, Portland, Seattle”

  1. Jane. Rosen says:

    Some really cool stuff. Hope we get to one of those cities soon.

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On the Chocolate Trail

On the Chocolate Trail