On the Chocolate Trail


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June 24, 2007



In Valencia Province, the outdoor Sueca city map clearly identifies the Comes Chocolate Museum.

sueca map

Owned by fourth generation Comes family member, Pedro Melero, 400,000 people visit the museum each year. He buys his chocolate from a co-op; they decide what is best. It currently comes from Ghana. The Comes-Spanish-only video shows the family preparing chocolate à la piedra, that is, on the stone. Open since 2002, the museum charges only two euro admission and the supposedly authentic chocolate rolls (rather than bars) sold there are very reasonably priced. Pedro gave a fun tour; he is proud of his business and a very good communicator. They use only natural ingredients, no preservatives, and few machines. The chocolate contains unrefined sugar and 80% cacao.

Comes owner


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On the Chocolate Trail

On the Chocolate Trail